A Little Sleep, for piano

This piece progresses from the perpetual motion of the opening, through a dark lullaby and onto a fiery last section that tests the performer's technique. It was composed for Tom McGrath, who recorded it onto the CD Expressions, released by Ode Records in 2010.

Click this link to listen to A Little Sleep played by Tom McGrath

Programme Note

A Little Sleep was composed for Tom McGrath, for performances and for inclusion on a CD recording of piano music by Anthony Ritchie. It was written with financial assistance from The University of Otago. The piece is in three sections, and they evoke a bedtime scene: a child listens to a music box while she prepares for sleep. Her parent sings her a lullaby and she drifts off, but her sleep is disturbed by a nightmare. This is the surface level of the piece, but it may be interpreted in various ways. Pedaling effects are particularly significant in this piece, which explores a variety of timbre. The three sections should be played without a break.

i - music box
ii - lullaby
iii - nightmare

Dedicated to Tom McGrath

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