3 Pieces for J.A.R.

for piano, by Anthony Ritchie, Opus 184

I - Fanfare
II - Aria for Anita
III - Perpetua

Watch performance by pianist Emma Sayers

Programme Note

These pieces were written to commemorate the passing of John Ritchie, composer and musician, and father of Anthony. They were commissioned by Margaret Nielsen, pianist and long-time friend of John Ritchie. The pieces attempt to capture different aspects of John's life.

The Fanfare reflects his long involvement with the brass community, both in terms of brass bands and orchestral brass. It also has elements of humour, something John appreciated in the music of Malcolm Arnold and others.

Aria for Anita reflects on soprano Anita Ritchie, John's wife, and references one of her favourite songs, Solveig's Song by Grieg.

Perputua uses a 4-note motif from John's Clarinet Concertino as a starting point, developing perpetual motion through repetition of rhythms and ideas. The title is also a reference to the old prayer ending and let light perpetual shine upon him. The music fades into starry nothingness at the end.

Dedicated to Margaret Nielsen

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