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Wind Quintet

for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. Anthony Ritchie Opus 142

This work was inspired by scenes in central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand, and also the poetry of Brian Turner. Both challenging and thoughtful, this piece was written for Zephyr for their Chamber Music NZ tour in 2009, and recorded by Radio NZ Concert.

Click this link to the RNZ recording of the wind quintet.

Programme Note

I - Chill winds from the south and west
II - By the Dry Cardrona
III - A Procession of Clouds

These subtitles come from lines and titles by NZ poets Brian Turner (I and III, both in the book Timeless Land) and James K. Baxter (II). The Wind Quintet is semi-programmatic, and is inspired by associations with Central Otago, in New Zealand's South Island. Sections I and III reflect on the influence of the weather, while the middle section uses a New Zealand folk song as a basis for the material. By the Dry Cardrona was originally a poem by Baxter, written in 1956 and was set to music by James McNeish and Don Toms. Numerous folk singers have adopted it, including Martin Curtis, to whom I owe my first experience of this marvelous song, on the album Gin and Raspberry. Part of the tune is subject to variations in this middle section.

This Wind Quintet was commissioned by Chamber Music New Zealand Trust to be performed by Zephyr. The funds for the commission were provided by Creative New Zealand. The performers in Zephyr are: Bridget Douglas, flute, Robert Orr, oboe, Phil Green, clarinet in B flat, Ed Allen, horn in F, and Robert Weeks, bassoon. The Wind Quintet was premiered during the Chamber Music NZ tour, June 28-July 12. It is in three connected sections:

Dedicated to Zephyr

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