Piano Sonata 1988

by Anthony Ritchie, for solo piano, Opus 29

This is a substantial sonata, written for the professional pianist. It is rhythmically challenging, lively, and also contains a haunting slow movement.

Programme Note

This work is dedicated to the composer's piano teacher, Rosemary Miller Stott.

It is in three contrasting movements. The first, an allegro, is in sonata form, and features nervous, darting ideas which become more animated in the middle section.

The second movement opens with a chorale-like theme, expressing feelings of nostalgia. The fidgety middle section builds up more tension, before being combined with the chorale theme.

The finale releases the tensions of the earlier movements, and has a happy, sunny character. Initially inspired by a Beethoven sonata, the rondo theme builds up to a big climax before ending quietly.