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Peninsula Suite

solo piano music for children, Anthony Ritchie Opus 126

Six pieces for young performers on the theme of local wildlife, aimed at grades 4-5.

Peninsula Suite was released in May 2007. It is a collection of 6 piano pieces describing wildlife around the Otago Peninsula. Each piece aims to describe a feature of these animals as well as offering a variety of technical challenges to the pianist. Peninsula Suite was commissioned by the Otago Branch of The Institute of Registered Music Teachers, and was written for pianists of grade 4 or 5 level.

Sand-hoppers Dance
A bouncy piece featuring syncopated rhythms and an unusual scale. Technical feature: left hand geography.

Seals Slither
Slow and lugubrious, with a lyrical right hand melody over a sustained left hand part. Technical feature: pedal work.

Kereru Flutter
Flowing piece mimicking the sound of pigeon wings beating. Technical feature: the crossing of hands.

Hoiho Hip Hop
Jazzy in style; the use of black and white keys symbolises penguins. Technical feature: change of meters and key signatures.

Crabs Scuttle
Lively staccato piece with driving motor rhythms. Technical feature: light staccato touch, finger work.

Albatross Glide
Flowing lyrical lines and expressive harmonies. Technical feature: three part textures in places. Slightly more challenging than the other pieces.

Note: Kereru are NZ wood pigeons, Hoiho are yellow-eyed penguins.

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Download a pdf of the complete Peninsula Suite, with permission to print a copy for one household, for NZ$12.50

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