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A Bugle will do

for orchestra, by Anthony Ritchie, Opus 67

This piece commemorates the hardship of war through the example of Charles Upham. Its 4 sections include haka-like rhythms in the battle scene, the desolation of prison, a lyrical, pastoral section and an exhilarating finale as peace breaks out.

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Programme Note

In 1995 I was approached by the NZSO to write an overture to commemorate the recent death of New Zealand's most famous war hero, Sir Charles Upham. Upham was famous for having won the Victoria Cross twice for bravery during World War II. He was, however, extremely modest when it came to discussing his achievements. Some years before his death it was suggested to Upham that he have a state funeral; he simply replied 'A bugle will do'. This comment seemed like a good starting point for my piece.

There are no bugles in the orchestra, but the opening section depicting the horrors of battle contains plenty of brass. Sub-titled 'Maleme and Ruweisat Ridge', the music is fast and furious, built from several motifs, and includes the opening rhythm for the most well-known Maori haka (war dance), 'Kamate, kamate'. The music builds to a climax, and the scene changes to a bleak Colditz Castle, where Upham was imprisoned during the war.

While in prison he dreams of rural NZ, and the farm near Kaikoura called 'Landsdowne', where he eventually settled after the war. This brief pastoral section links into a coda celebrating the outbreak of peace. Motifs from earlier in the piece return but changed into brighter modes.

A Bugle Will Do was first performed by the NZSO in 1996 under Andrew Sewell, and was subsequently performed in the USA.

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