Winner, Best Classical Album, NZ Music Awards

Fjarren: In the Distance with Anthony’s Clarinet Quintet and Purakaunui at Dawn has won its category in the 2016 NZ Music Awards.
(Atoll, ACD 316: see also under RECORDINGS. Copies can be ordered from the composer, or from Atoll Records.)

The CD Zephyr: Music for Winds with Anthony's Wind Quintet has also been nominated for the NZ Music Awards.


Anthony’s Wind Quintet (2009) has been released on CD, entitled Zephyr: Music for Winds, Atoll CD, ACD 716. The work was commissioned by the group Zephyr who include New Zealand Symphony Orchestra players. It is available through Marbecks in Auckland or Atoll Records.


Recently SOUNZ completed an online resource on Anthony’s symphonies, including recordings and background information, plus an introduction by the composer. The recordings include:
Symphony No.1 NZ Symphony Orchestra, conductor Ken Young, RNZ 1998
Symphony No.2 Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor James Sedares, RNZ 2000
Symphony No.3 Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, conductor Simon Over, RNZ, 2010
Symphony No.4 Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, conductor Tom Woods, soprano Jenny Wollerman, SOUNZ film, 2014
Follow this link: A Ritchie Symphonies.
In addition, Anthony’s Symphony No.1 has just been published by Promethean Editions (Wellington), to go with the publication of Symphony No.3.


This year The Royal New Zealand Navy Band celebrated its 75th anniversary by commissioning Anthony to write something for them. Te Moana (The Sea) for wind band will be available on CD soon.
The Woolston Brass Band of Christchurch is releasing a new CD which includes He is Starlight which Anthony composed in 2015, to commemorate his father’s death. More details soon!

TakoTsubo recording available

Link to Sue Wootton's blog on Tako-Tsubo, and recording of the song TakoTsubo, performed by Cantus Columba, musical director Richard Madden.



Check out these different youtube versions of ‘Tutira Mai’, arranged by Anthony Ritchie:

Tutira Mai 1
Tutira Mai 2
Tutira Mai 3
Tutira Mai 4
Tutira Mai 5
Tutira Mai 6
Tutira Mai 7
Tutira Mai 8
Tutira Mai 9
Tutira Mai 10
Tutira Mai 11
Tutira Mai 12 (Tapiola Choir)

Anthony originally arranged the song for Rangi Ruru High School in Christchurch. It has spread world-wide (and has now been imitated by other arrangers!).
The following versions available for purchase:

  • Childrens’ voices in 2 parts with piano
  • Childrens’ voices in 2 parts with piano and flute
  • S.A. with piano
  • S.A. with piano and flute
  • S.A.T.B. with piano
  • S.A.T.B. with piano and flute
  • Voice and orchestra

All versions cost $30 which includes the right to perform as often as you like. They can be provided as PDF files or as hard copy scores.
Or you may like to request a new version of Tutira Mai. Contact Anthony.

Gallipoli to the Somme broadcast November 17th

Gallipoli to the Somme was broadcast on RNZ Concert on the evening of November 11 - Armistice Day.
Follow this link to hear it on replay radio.


Gallipoli to the Somme was premiered at Arts Festival Dunedin on October 1, by the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, City Choir Dunedin, Southern Youth Choir, with soloists Anna Leese and Martin Snell, conducted by Simon Over. This new work is like an oratorio, that includes songs, choruses, and orchestral pieces. It is a humanist statement about ordinary peoples' experiences of World War I. Soldiers, nurses, lovers, children etc from different nationalities are represented in this work, through diary entries, poems, traditional texts, and even a military plan of battle.
The piece was commissioned to commemorate WW1, with funding from Creative NZ.
The performance received a standing ovation, and great reviews. Here's what Elizabeth Bouman wrote in the ODT: "Ritchie will be remembered as one of the greatest composers of his time."
Gallipoli to the Somme will be broadcast on RNZ Concert on the evening of November 11 - Armistice Day. Following that, the performance will be available to be viewed online, via the SOUNZ website.


Anthony has been enjoying some dedicated time composing as he takes Research Leave leave from the University of Otago this semester. He has been working on various projects, including new works for NZTrio, for Cellos Aotearoa (entitled Memories of Purakaunui for 5 cellos and piano, performed October 3 on the Arts Festival Dunedin), for tenor and piano (for James Rodgers), and for cornet (a solo test piece for Brass Bands NZ).
However, his major project is a new symphony – No.5. Anthony is exploring a new approach to composition in this work, based on simplicity and naivety.


Anthony recently travelled to Belgium to help with the recording of his choral works by the Aquarius choir. This top-quality professional choir has performed four of his works before, including Salaam in 2013. The CD has the theme of 'Survivors' and includes two newly composed works for the choir: The Survivor and Ellen's Vigil (based on an aria from Gallipoli to the Somme).
Also on the CD are new recordings of This Sea We Cross Over, Widow's Songs and Song of Hope.
Producer Wayne Laird travelled to Belgium to make the recording, to be released on Atoll early in 2017.


In September The Westlake Orchestra (Westlake Girls' and Boys' Schools in Auckland) recorded two of Anthony's works for amateur orchestras: Balkan Bagpipes (1985) and Procession (2008).
Conducted by David Squire, these recordings were also filmed and will be available on the SOUNZ website soon.


The album Expressions: Piano Music of Anthony Ritchie, performed by Tom McGrath, has been released on Bandcamp. Download individual tracks or the whole album.
Music for Tristan, for piano, has also been made available on Bandcamp, as a separate track.

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The Hanging Bulb

Cheryl Cam has written a study guide to Hanging Bulb for Years 11 to 13 (Form 5 to 7) with accompanying CD. It is part of the SOUNZwrite series.

SOUNZwrite is a series of study guides to works by New Zealand composers written especially for use in NZ schools. They are produced by the Centre for New Zealand Music and are written by composer and educator Cheryl Camm.

The guides contain:

  • background material on the composer
  • composition and analysis material
  • imaginative ideas for activities
  • information about related topics
  • a free CD of the works (with most)
  • graded task sheets ... and more
  • Class sets of scores also available containing original and orchestrated version.

Available from Sounz


Ears Wide Open : Taringa Areare

This latest SOUNZwrite Resource supports the music discipline in the new arts curriculum from levels 1 to 4. Researched and trialled by Cheryl Camm, it consists of:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Activity Book
  • a book of scores for performance and study
  • an accompanying CD with 23 different tracks of NZ music. $60

Ears Wide Open : Taringa Areare has many activities which link to other arts disciplines - drama, dance and visual arts - and other areas of the curriculum including science, social studies and English. Each activity has suggested learning outcomes and assessment ideas.

Learning experiences include:

  • rhythm and performance with Gareth Farr's Ruaumoko
  • how to play a guitar with Split Enz
  • musical texture with Clouds Over Pirongia by John Rimmer
  • the music of Tokelau through the Te Vaka Jigsaw
  • how music makes you feel with Melancholia by Anthony Ritchie
  • note reading with Other Echoes by Eve de Castro-Robinson
  • how your body responds to music with Judy Bailey's Now I'm Walkin'
  • Taonga Puoru with Tumatakokiri by Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns
  • ... and many other musical styles from pop and rock to Pacific, Maori, jazz, brass band, guitar, choir, percussion, orchestra and more...

Available from Sounz